Report Squirrels in Cumbria, North Lancashire

For squirrels seen in Cumbria, North Lancashire or Yorkshire, please report your red and grey squirrel sightings by email to the red squirrel group nearest to where you saw the squirrel. The map shows the locations of our groups – click on the coloured area to find the name of the group and their email contact details.

There’s information below the map about the details to include with your sighting report. The list can be copied and pasted into your email as a guide.  We need your contact details for verification purposes.

Details to include in your emailed sighting report:

Phone number:
Date of sighting:
Red or grey?:
Number of squirrels seen:
Where you saw the squirrel – for example, nearest town/village, then name of wood or road:
Grid reference of sighting – either 6 or 10 figure – follow this link for help>>
Postcode – if the sighting is at a property:
Please add any further helpful information you can, such as whether the squirrel looked healthy, how long you watched it for and so on.

Thank you for reporting!

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