About NRS

There is little doubt that without the efforts of volunteers there would be fewer areas in the North of England that are still inhabited by red squirrels.

Northern Red Squirrels is an umbrella group that has been created to unite all independent voluntary groups and individuals who are working to help save our red squirrels from extinction in the North of England. It is a ‘network of voluntary action’ that shares news, ideas and best practice. Each member group remains completely independent to allow it to address issues within its own area in the most appropriate way.

Northern Red Squirrels also provides information, advice and guidance to enable and encourage more people to become involved in red squirrel conservation.

Since its launch in March 2008, Northern Red Squirrels has attracted over forty independent voluntary groups and individuals to join forces and the number is still rising.

Northern Red Squirrels aims to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of voluntary groups and individuals by providing information, advice and guidance to ensure consistency of approach to conservation activities
  • When required, co-ordinate any action taken jointly by several groups and individuals
  • Provide support and guidance for people who wish to become involved in safeguarding red squirrels in the North of England, including those who wish to set up their own voluntary group in an area where none currently exists
  • Contribute to the work of the funded groups such as Red Squirrels Northern England by supporting their activities

Red squirrel range in Northern England 2013-2016

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