The Red Squirrel used to exist in very large numbers throughout the UK but is now an endangered species. The main threat is the grey squirrel, a much larger species that has spread across the UK at an increasingly alarming rate. Competing for food and habitat the grey squirrel crucially carries the Squirrel Pox Virus Disease (SQPVD), which has little effect on the grey but is usually fatal when passed to the susceptible red.

Red squirrels still inhabit many areas of Northern England and conservation efforts are ongoing however, resources are limited and additional consistent action to protect red squirrels is crucial.

Grey Control

Red Squirrels are the ONLY native squirrel living in the UK. Grey Squirrels are a non-native species introduced into the UK 120 years ago but unfortunately red and grey squirrels cannot live side by side. Read more>>


The Wildlife and Country Act 1981 covers the protection of red squirrels and other wild animals. For more information, click here>>

Squirrel Pox Virus Disease

The Squirrel Pox Virus Disease is usually fatal to red squirrels. Grey squirrels are carriers of the infection and can spread the disease to red squirrels. Greys have developed immunity to the disease having been exposed to the virus for many years. Read more>>

If You Find a Sick or Dead Red Squirrel

If you find a sickly red squirrel or a dead red squirrel (which does not have obvious signs of injury like road kill), please get in touch with us urgently on our HOTLINE number 07788 264571. If no reply, please leave a message.

Squirrel Maps

Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) collate red squirrel sightings and grey squirrel management data to produce regional maps. To see their latest maps, click here>>

Red Squirrel Books

Two free e-books, Saving the Red Squirrel and Red Squirrels in My Garden, are available to download as pdfs here>>

Feeding Reds

Although squirrels come to your garden to look for materials such as moss for nest lining, or to drink from you garden pond, the biggest attraction is food. Read more>>

Pet Threats

Everyone loves their pets for the companionship and enjoyment that they give. However, they can have a significant impact on red squirrel populations in urban and suburban areas. Read more>>

Where to Buy Squirrel Food

For a list of suppliers, click here>>

Where to See Reds

To find places to see red squirrels in Cumbria, Northumberland, Yorkshire Dales and Devon, follow this link>>

Holidays with Reds

For holiday accommodation with red squirrels, click here>>


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