Report Sightings

Please let us know immediately if you see a red or a grey squirrel by reporting to one of our red squirrel groups. Red squirrel sightings help us gauge the health and location of our red squirrel populations. Grey sightings help us target control to protect the reds from disease and competition for food and habitat.

If you’re not sure if it’s a red or grey squirrel that you’ve spotted, see our quick guide>>

To report squirrels seen in Cumbria, follow this link>>

To report squirrels seen in Northumberland follow this link>>

To report squirrels seen in Wales and Northern Ireland follow this link>>

To contact the Red Squirrel Forum South Scotland groups see and/or to report squirrels seen in Scotland follow this link>>

If you find a sickly red squirrel or a dead red squirrel with no obvious signs of injury, contact us urgently on our HOTLINE number at 07788 264571. If no reply, please leave a message.


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