Red Squirrel Books

Saving The Red Squirrel

This brilliant book is special. It brings together, in one important volume, a large body of scientific evidence, frontline experience and key insights on achieving landscape-scale recovery for red squirrel populations from the leading practitioners working in the UK today. It is an exceptional blend of authoritative contributions from experts with a wide range of perspectives: from volunteers, voluntary groups and landowners through to researchers, academics and leading figures in the professional red squirrel community.
The common thread which brings this diverse community together is a passion for red squirrels. They are united by their shared vision to secure a thriving and self-sustaining future for this amazing, iconic and fascinating species. It can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF here>>

Red Squirrels in My Garden

Red Squirrels In My Garden is an E-book written by Craig Shuttleworth and Liz Halliwell. It gives guidance and tips to help conserve local populations and can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF here>>

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