Member Groups’ Map

Our Northern Red Squirrels Member Groups are located throughout Northern England and are also in Devon, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales and Northern Ireland. The map below is to help you locate your nearest group and shows the area they cover.

The ‘Menu’ icon at the top left of the map will display a list of groups. Clicking the ‘four corners’ icon at top right will allow you to see a larger map. Clicking the square at the bottom left of the enlarged map allows you to switch from ‘map view’  to ‘satellite view’ (on the smaller map, this is available by clicking the menu option at the top left).

Use the zoom-in facility (+/-) or your mouse wheel to see an area of the map in more detail. Hold the left click button down to move the map around on the screen with your mouse.

Click on a coloured area of the map to display the red squirrel group’s name and contact details.


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