Help with Grid References

For squirrel purposes, grid references can be either 6 figures (eg SD 406 986)  or 10 figures  (eg SD 40890 98882). Every British grid reference has a 2-letter prefix to locate it within a specific 100 kilometre square.

To Find a Grid Reference Online

Grab a Grid Reference

Grab a Grid Reference>>  is provided by the Bedfordshire Natural History Society so you will need to move the marker from Bedfordshire to your own area before making a start.  The satellite map with the marker is shown alongside an equivalent Ordnance Survey map. Drag the marker in the left hand satellite map to the spot you saw the squirrel and copy the grid reference (10m square or 100m square) from the right-hand column.

UK Grid Reference Finder

Note: If you have difficulty while UK Grid Reference Finder are updating their site, we suggest you use their Bing Map: 

UK Grid Reference Finder>> enables you to find a grid reference by using your cursor to pinpoint the location of your sighting on a map, and then right-clicking to produce a pin marking the spot you’ve selected.  Left-clicking on the pin will then show its grid reference in a tag. The satellite view is easier to work with once you’ve zoomed in. Just copy your grid reference from the tag and paste it into your sighting report or record.

To Find a Grid Reference From a Map

If you prefer to use a map to find your grid reference but need a reminder about how to do it, the Ordnance Survey provides a guide to the National Grid>>

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