Announcing ‘Rowan’ – Sculpted by Kirsty Armstrong

Untitled attachment 00377This is ‘Rowan’, my fifth Red Squirrel sculpture in the series. She is a determined and mischievous juvenile, the second ‘off-spring’ of ‘Charles’ and ‘Willow’ and sister to ‘George’.

‘Rowan’ is a limited edition of 150 pieces, some of which will be cast in white resin and hand painted, and some will be made in cold-cast copper. She is life-sized and is in an autumnal woodland floor setting with newly fallen Rowan leaves, and conkers peeping out glossily from their still green casings. Rowan in either cold-cast copper or hand painted resin costs £150.00 which INCLUDES TRACKED AND INSURED POSTAGE.

I donate a percentage of my profits from each sale to red squirrel conservation projects. So far the total donated is just under £1,700 and this has gone towards research into Adenovirus and Squirrelpox virus, the development of a Squirrelpox vaccine and FLIR infrared cameras.

You can order Rowan from my ‘JUSTKIRSTY’ Folksy shop: where there is a secure checkout. To find out more about me and my work, visit my website at:

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