ESI Launches New Red Squirrel Book

Red Squirrels - Ecology Conservation  Management in  EuropeA new book on red squirrel management and conservation in the UK and across Europe, the first of its kind for 20 years, has been published by the European Squirrel Initiative. Red Squirrels: Ecology, Conservation & Management in Europe is essential reading for those with an interest in red squirrel conservation and ecology and the authors hope to have contributed to a wider debate.

The book ties together subjects covering habitat, ecology, disease, conservation and population management of the red squirrel, as well as its complex interaction with the North American grey squirrel. Written by world renowned experts, this review of current research and practice is accessible to the non-scientist as well as to those studying ecology and conservation.

Edited by: Craig M. Shuttleworth, Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, Bangor University; Peter W.W. Lurz, Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh and Matthew W. Hayward, Senior Lecturer in Conservation, Bangor University
ISBN: 978-0-9547576-1-8
Cover Price: £20.00
Published by and available from: European Squirrel Initiative>>

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