2014 Maps Now Available

The 2014 Red Squirrels Northern England maps are now available on our website. The North East of England, the North West of England, Lancashire & Merseyside and the Yorkshire Dales each have two maps, one showing red squirrel presence and the other showing the impact of grey control.

To see the maps full size either click on the individual maps or visit our Red Squirrel And Grey Control Maps page>>

Red squirrel recorded  presence 2014 north eastRed squirrel recorded presence 2014 north westRed squirrel recorded presence 2014 Lancs &  MerseysideRed squirrel recorded presence 2014 Yorkshire Dales

Control footprint & densities 2014 north eastControl footprint & densities 2014 north westControl footprint & densities 2014 Lancs & MerseysideControl footprint & densities 2014 YDNP

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