The Red Report – June 2020

Welcome to our June 2020 newsletter. It’s been a while since our previous newsletter in December. We’ve had a few distractions, as I’m sure you can all appreciate, but we are marching on strongly despite the current pandemic crisis. We hope that this eNewsletter finds you and your families all well.

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P&DRSG Newsletter – Spring 2020

Welcome to our Spring 2020 Newsletter

As I write this, we are in the throes of the terrible Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that has been put in place to prevent its spread. It seems hard to imagine life returning to normal at times, but it will. When is a very different matter. We have a very long way to go and every aspect of our world is affected.  Read more>>


Morpeth & District Red Squirrels – Spring 2020

Welcome to the Spring 2020 edition of the MADRS Newsletter

Who would have guessed, even a month ago, that our world would be turned upside down by Covid-19 this Spring.  We hope that you are all staying as safe and healthy as possible whilst continuing to enjoy your daily exercise activities close to home.  If you are lucky enough to live in proximity to squirrels, please remember that we rely on you to report your sightings of both reds and greys in order to help protect the reds from diseases carried by greys.  We continue to hear some good news stories of places where reds are now being seen again after a prolonged absence, due to vigilant reporting coupled with grey control:  see our piece by Glen Graham,  the National Trust’s Red Squirrel Ranger at Wallington.  But it is an uphill struggle so please help us to help the reds!

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Wight Squirrel Project Newsletter – Autumn 2019

White Tailed Eagle & Buzzards

Quite rightly, a lot of people are concerned about the introduction of White Tailed Eagles to the Isle of Wight. Helen is dubious about the re-introduction, although it’s very unlikely they will have a significant impact on red squirrels. As species are under stress thanks to human activities, a top predator is not going to help our wildlife. Farmers are also very concerned as the birds take lambs. Eyewitness reports of buzzards taking red squirrels are still coming in and one gentleman took this picture of a tail from a freshly caught red squirrel. It seems this is all the buzzard leaves. It’s nature but not at all helpful to the red squirrel cause!

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Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership Red Squirrel News – Autumn 2019

Funding Boost for Red Squirrel Conservation 

Enthusiastic volunteers joined project staff last month for a ‘squirrel-chewed cone’ survey at Clywedog Forest near Llanfair Clydogau to celebrate the launch of the new Healthy Reds Project. Healthy Reds is a three year project run by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW) that aims to find out more about the fragile read more>>

P&DRSG Newsletter – September 2019

Welcome to our summer 2019 newsletter. As ever it has been a real roller coaster with a series of highs and lows. A good breeding season for red squirrels but unfortunately for greys too. Over the spring and early summer, this has resulted in an unprecedented number of squirrel pox outbreaks. This is the result of the deadly virus carried by greys being passed onto reds and this has devastated the red population in some localised areas and sadly, it seems, right down the River Lowther valley.  Read more>>

Westmorland Red Squirrels E-News – August 2019

In this issue, we’re pleased to introduce Jack Edmondson, the G2G ranger. Also, we celebrate wonderful donations from two of our corporate supporters. Sadly we report a possible case of squirrel pox virus in a red squirrel at Skelwith. Finally, in a somewhat trimmed back Summer E-News, we’d welcome your views on previous editions and future format. In short, we want to offer news that you want to read! Read more>>

Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership Red Squirrel News – Spring 2019

In this edition read about plans for our new Healthy Reds Project  which, if funding is forthcoming, will kick off in the summer.   You can contribute to the new project by donating to a very novel fundraising campaign created by wildlife enthusiast Michael the Flying Squirrel.

The challenges faced by our dedicated team of survey volunteers are elaborated upon in our regular ‘Tracking the Red Trail”  article.  Discover the new volunteer opportunities that the Vincent Wildlife Trust has in store for you.

And last but not least take a look at the amazing red squirrel photos that volunteers Paul Harry and Rhian Mai Hubbart managed to capture in Formby at the annual Red Squirrels United conference.  Read more>>




Photos: Rhian top and right, Paul left