Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership – February 2016

MWRSP-logoGrey squirrels  don’t  only  present a problem for red squirrels, they are also responsible for damage to property.  According to a study published in 2011 by the international scientific organisation CABI for DEFRA, Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly, grey squirrels cost the British economy an estimated £14 million per annum; damage to power cables alone is estimated to cost millions of pounds in the UK.  An article in the Guardian identifies hundreds of power outages which  can be directly attributed to squirrels.

Read on to get some top trapping tips from Matthew Hand, hear about an exciting new – UK wide – red squirrel conservation project, get the latest on the new pine marten arrivals, find out about invasive species control in Mauritius, and get the low-down on all of the latest developments in red squirrel conservation here in mid Wales. More>>

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