Westmorland Red Squirrels – Spring 2017

If you’re new to red squirrels, all the various organisations involved in red squirrel conservation must seem baffling – even those of us who’ve been involved for many years find it hard to keep up with developments. The UK Squirrel Accord is the most recent organisation at the national, policy-making level and we’re pleased to report here that the voluntary groups are in the process of gaining recognition in that forum. Regionally, the Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) project will still be processing our cull and sightings data and continuing their monitoring programme, but their capacity to provide practical conservation help is now very much reduced owing to a lack of funding. Red Squirrels United is the new UK-wide red squirrel project that you might hear about in the media, but unfortunately for us the project doesn’t specifically include Cumbria. It’s therefore more important than ever for us to work closely with our fellow voluntary groups through our membership of Northern Red Squirrels Cumbria in order to keep Cumbria’s red squirrels high on the conservation agenda and in the public eye.  Read more>>

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