‘Squirrel’ published by ESI – Issue 35, October 2017

As we approach the end of this year, we are starting to focus on the future and you will see that we are still busy across a range of activities. We are:


  • Working with the NGO to promote grey squirrel control groups across the UK to supplement the excellent control work done by BASC and the red squirrel conservation groups.
  • Continuing to support Good Nature while they bring the A18 Trap through the Spring Trap Order tests and legislation.
  • Continuing with funding research into a grey squirrel lure and always on the lookout for new and novel grey squirrel control methods.
  • Welcoming new trustees and members of the management committee to keep our focus sharp and current.
  • Reviewing our position on Pine Marten as a biological control predator for the grey squirrel.
  • Reviewing the research potential regarding the scale of the landscape impact of grey squirrel damage.

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