Morpeth & District Red Squirrels – Autumn/Winter 2017

In the last issue I reported that by the end of June, MADRS had removed over 900 greys from our patch. This control work has continued and to the end of October a total of 1253 had been removed. Again, we stress that this is not a side of red conservation that is taken lightly. It is absolutely necessary to ensure the survival of the reds.
As always the damage to trees, predation on bird eggs and fledglings and obviously the spread of squirrel pox would have been so much greater had it not been for the remarkable efforts of our ‘Grey’ team.
I also reported the increase in red sightings and am delighted to say that we have further sightings and new reports of reds in Borough Woods near Morpeth. (There are photos further on in the newsletter of these little chaps).
Once again, the real ‘boots on the ground’ work is down primarily to the volunteer/community groups.  Read more>>

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