Morpeth & District Red Squirrels – Summer 2018

The year so far has been a real mixture of squirrel activity in terms of both red and grey. The grey control team once again have done a fantastic job and it is their relentless control work that has saved reds in some areas, and enabled reds to return in others. We have seen sudden and quite substantial grey influxes in places and in others, we have seen reds turn up for the first time in many years. As always, I’d like to stress that grey control is not a side of red conservation that is taken lightly, but is absolutely necessary to ensure the survival of the reds. It is only through controlling the grey populations that the reds can survive.
We have included some photos in this edition of the newsletter sent to us by people who have seen their first reds in several years. Some of these photos plus many more are on our Facebook page.  Read more>>

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