P&DRSG – Newsletter August 2018

Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group is now a victim of its own success. We are delighted to have resident red squirrels across the whole of our managed area of 650 square miles covered by our contracted Rangers and their supporters. There is little doubt that without the Rangers’ work, reds would have all but disappeared. However this success comes at a huge annual cost and we really are struggling to raise the £120,000 a year needed to keep this up.
We know that any let up will allow greys to spread back very quickly and undo brilliant progress made.  Read more>>

Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership Red Squirrel News – Spring/Summer 2018

Well, Spring has finally arrived, it’s been a long time coming, but the sunshine is eventually making itself known, the leaves are budding, and squirrels of all types are preparing to go forth and multiply!

Despite the harsh weather over the winter, there’s been lots of project activity, including some interesting developments in survey techniques as we attempt to track red squirrels across the Mid Wales Focal Site, read on to find out more.  Also in this edition,  learn about what tree species you can plant in the Red Squirrel Focal Site to benefit red squirrels, find out what Scottish Woodlands are doing to help red squirrels and don’t forget to join Coed Y Bont Woodland Group in Pontrhydfendigaid on the 19th April to discover how tree diseases are affecting Welsh woodlands and what you can do to help wildlife in challenging times. Read more>>