Morpeth & District Red Squirrels – Spring 2019

There is no doubt in my mind that without the continued efforts of the local community Red Squirrel Conservation groups, we would have no Red squirrels left in Northumberland now. The essential work all the volunteer groups undertake in controlling the numbers and spread of grey squirrels, is the only chance our native Reds have to survive. My usual message with this is as always, to stress that grey control is not a side of red conservation that is taken lightly, but is an absolute necessity.

In 2018, MADRS removed 1574 greys from our area. It’s not rocket science to think of how many more there’d be if a percentage of these had bred, 2-3 times a year… 3-4 greys per brood (and they would start breeding too!).
A fitting tribute to these efforts are the increased sightings in terms of numbers of red squirrels in some areas, and sightings of reds being reported in areas where they have not been seen for a while, in some cases several years.  Read more>>

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